7 Good reasons to fix bad credit

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7 Good reasons to fix bad credit
2 years ago
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Most people only ever begin thinking about fixing bad credit when they need to apply for credit, but there are several good reasons you should work on fixing any credit problems you have. The average credit score in America today is around 675, so even if you think your score is okay you can still benefit from working on some simple ways to raise it a little higher.

No matter what your current score is right now, there are always small things you can do to improve your overall credit score. Most credit repair tactics are quite simple, but the benefits are great. Here are the 7 top reasons to fix bad credit:

1. Easier Access to Credit
It's much easier to get approved for new credit, such as a personal loan, a mortgage or a new credit card, if you have a higher than average credit score. Banks access your credit report from the reporting bureaus so they can see how you've handled your past financial responsibilities. Customers who can show a good credit score are also showing banks that they're likely to become good customers who will make repayments on time.

2. Lower Interest Rates
People with good credit find it much easier to access favorable interest rates. Banks lend money to people on the understanding that they'll eventually get their money back, plus some interest. When someone with bad credit applies for a loan, the bank is able to see on a credit report that the customer has had difficulty repaying one or more debts in the past.

When banks calculate interest rates for particular clients, they employ a 'rate for risk' policy, which means that a customer who poses a risk to the bank getting their money back eventually will be charged higher rates, while a customer who poses very little risk to the bank is rewarded with lower rates.

3. Cheaper Auto Insurance
When insurance companies consider your eligibility for auto insurance, they look carefully at your past driving and accident history, but they also check your credit history too. Based on current statistics, insurers know that people who act responsibly with their money are much less likely to file an insurance claim.

4. Applying for a Job
Many employers request to see a copy of your credit report so they can see how you manage your financial responsibilities. If you have bad credit, then you may be risking your chances of success at your next job interview.

5. Reduce Monthly Expenses
Think about how much interest you're paying on your current personal loans and credit cards. If you applied for any of those while your credit score was low, then you'll be paying more interest than you really need to. As you work on fixing bad credit you could find you're eligible for a rate reduction. If you can get your current rates lowered then your repayments will decrease which means more money in your pocket at the end of each month.

6. Get that Rental Lease
If you're trying to secure a lease on an apartment, then you should know that landlords will frequently request to see your credit report. Many landlords will favor applications for a lease from tenants with good credit as they've already shown a good history of financial responsibility.

7. Your Own Home
If you have bad credit then you may find it very difficult to qualify for a mortgage that will allow you to buy your own home. There are many advantages to buying your own home and if your credit is bad then your options are very limited. Improving your credit score can help you achieve your dream of home ownership.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits to fixing bad credit, but there are plenty of other reasons you should think about finding ways to improve your credit score. There is plenty of information available about ways to increase your score so read through some of those tips and put them to use on your credit score today.
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