Are you a credit card abuser?

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Are you a credit card abuser?
3 years ago
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Are you a credit card abuser? Would you know if you were? Do you whip your credit card out at the drop of a hat to pay for anything and everything under the sun whether you need it or not? Have you become one of a growing number of people who believe they are entitled to everything they want simply because they want it?

If you answered yes to any question except the second one, then most likely you have joined the expanding ranks of credit card abusers. Fortunately, this isn't a crime for which you will receive incarceration, probation, or ridicule. In fact, you won't even receive a slap on the hand.

Instead, depending on the enormity of your transgression, you will either face a bad credit score along with its concomitant bad credit history, a bankruptcy, or a foreclosure. Do any of those sound appealing to you? Do you even know what the ramifications of such circumstances are? At the very least, you could end up in credit counseling for credit card abusers or with a debt consolidation loan slung around your finances.

Do you even care? If you do care, then you have the initial requirement for getting help with your addiction. Unfortunately, self-help groups for credit card abusers are few and far between. Although you can get some help with this addiction, you are probably going to have to implement most of the changes all by yourself.

While credit counseling agencies will set up beneficial guidelines for credit card abusers, it is still left up to the consumer to incorporate them into his lifestyle. After years of whipping out the slim piece of plastic sitting in your wallet without nary a thought to the damage that action is going to create to your credit history, do you think it is going to be easy?

Let's face it, even the storeowners want you to use your credit card until it withers away to a slip of bendable plastic. After all, how many times have you heard someone ask the cashier to look up their credit card account number because they left the card at home? Do you think that credit card magically slipped out of the wallet?

It's tough to stop spending when everyone else is doing it. It's tough not to use plastic to buy every new trinket or outfit on the market when you have grown up doing it. Unfortunately, if you don't get a grip on your abusive credit card habits now, you are going to pay for it later and with more than the minimum amount due.
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