Choosing credit repair counseling service with care

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Choose your credit repair counseling service with care
2 years ago
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When you find yourself in financial difficulty, and need to turn to a third party to help you get back on track, make sure that you choose a credit repair service that comes with positive recommendations. Don't just go to the first credit counseling service that you find in the yellow pages. Often, when we find ourselves in some kind of crisis situation, we take the first hand that's offered to us without checking whether or not that hand is actually going to save us. When you need to repair your credit, this isn't a good idea because if the company you choose to help you restructure your finances isn't professional in how it conducts its business you could find your finances are in a worse position.

The credit repair industry is one of the growing businesses in a time when there are increasing numbers of people who find themselves in severe financial difficulty, but there are ways of repairing credit permanently (as long as you don't fall back into bad financial habits) and a reputable credit repair counseling service will be able to guide you along this process. As with many businesses, there are however, a number of disreputable companies who appear to be able to help you regain your credit credibility but which are little more than scam companies that will deliver you a short-term credit repair by using some stalling techniques at best, but this will soon be unraveled and you will be in a worse situation than before as this will reflect as badly on you as it does the credit repair service.

Credit counseling is something that must be done by someone who is adequately trained, and if possible, accredited to perform this kind of service. Before you place your financial situation in the hands of anyone who claims to be a credit counselor, ensure that you check what qualifications they have that give them the experience to be able to get your credit repaired, what professional associations/organizations are they associated with, and can they give you testimonials from satisfied clients (make sure that these are not clients that have had their credit repaired in the last few months, just in case these were quick temporary fixes!) and who recommend you use this company.

A real credit counseling service can do little more than advise you on ways of improving your credit rating. They can help to get your name removed from any list which is inaccurate, such as double listings where an item which has been paid off is still showing as owed, but not much more than that. For some people however, this can help their situation considerably. If the credit counseling service claims they can get your credit repaired quickly, this is not the kind of company that you need to be dealing with as no organization can erase any negative financial information held on your name, and this information stays on your record for at least 7 years as standard!

A legitimate credit counselor can however help you to clean up your own credit report and improve credit score. It's a long road, but they will show you what options of getting out of debt are open to you so that you can pay off what you owe quicker and start the repair process. Credit consolidation is one of the most efficient ways of clearing what you owe, and if you qualify for a credit loan, then this is one way of funding the consolidation. Once you know what your options are, you can easily take control of your own financial credit repair.

by Katie Ann
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