Checking your own credit report does NOT lower your credit score

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Checking your personal credit report does NOT lower your credit score
2 years ago
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A review of your personal credit report will NOT lower your credit score. It is considered a "soft pull" or "soft inquiry" of your credit history although it might appear on your credit report. Similarly, pre-approved credit applications or information verification checks are considered "soft pulls".

It is important to remember that, above all else, credit bureaus are businesses that profit from selling your personal information. It is important to check your own credit report regularly for inaccuracies that can result from identity theft or misinformation.

While soft pulls do not reflect negatively on your credit, the fact that they are used for pre-screened offers can be very dangerous. When sent through the mail, these offers can fall into the hands of other individuals and can be used as an easy method to steal identities. In recent years, numerous investigative reports have detailed the ease with which an identity thief can fill out the form and obtain a credit card in the intended recipient?셲 name. You can opt-out from these preapproved offers by visiting

by TheLinNicole
2 years ago
hi i need to check my credit report but i'm canadian i don't know if i can use your services to check it
Thank you
2 years ago
To get your canadian credit report from:

- Trans Union

- Equifax

Unfortunately we discovered that credit bureau Experian doesn't provide consumer credit report service in Canada.
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